M’sian House Cleaners Find RM38K In Cash At Home Of Woman Who Passed Away 5 Years Ago

That's a lot of cash.
Whenever we lost a loved one, it’s difficult for us to discard the deceased’s belongings as we would want to hold on to it for as long as possible for memory’s sake.

A group of young men who were hired to clean up the home of a woman who had passed away years ago were astonished to find a stash of cash stored within the house, where it amounted to approximately RM38,000.

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M’sian house cleaners find RM38K in cash at home of deceased woman

In a 46-second video uploaded to TikTok by @arulfaqrul, it showed him and several other youths rummaging through and counting the stack of cash they had uncovered while cleaning the house.

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M'sian youths counting money they found
Screenshot via TikTok/@arulfaqrul

As seen from the clip, the youths were astonished to find countless stacks of various Ringgit notes, including an old RM20 note that was issued out decades ago.

Old rm20 note found at woman's house
Screenshot via TikTok/@f.i.8_empire
According to @arulfaqrul, he and the other young men were hired by a woman to clean up her mother’s house, adding that the latter had passed away five years ago.

In a separate clip, it showed @arulfaqrul counting the money he and the gang had found within the house, which totaled to approximately RM38,000.

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After counting the cash, he placed it into a gunny sack before handing it over to a young woman, believed to be the deceased’s daughter.

M'sian man counts money found at deceased woman's house
Screenshot via TikTok/@arulfaqrul

Netizens share similar instances

In the comment section, some netizens shared stories of how they or people they knew found huge amounts of cash while spring cleaning the house.

‘My neighbour passed away and her kids began cleaning the house by throwing out unused clothes and utensils. Along the way, they discovered that their mother had stashed around RM40,000.’

M'sian house cleaners find rm38k in cash at home of woman who passed away 5 years ago comment 1
Screenshot via TikTok

‘My grandmother used to like storing money at hidden places such as inside her folded clothes, pots, or her diary.’

M'sian house cleaners find rm38k in cash at home of woman who passed away 5 years ago comment 2
Screenshot via TikTok

Meanwhile, one praised the OP and his gang for being extremely honest while stumbling upon so much money.

M'sian house cleaners find rm38k in cash at home of woman who passed away 5 years ago comment 3
Screenshot via TikTok

Watch the video here:

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