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M’sian Graduates Turn Unsold Chillis Into Chilli Jam So That It Doesn’t Go To Waste

It started with an excess of unsold chilli peppers, particularly low-grade ones, which began to rot, resulting in waste.
Imagine a kitchen where creativity knows no bounds. At Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), graduates are turning up the heat in the most unexpected way – by transforming fiery chilli peppers into delicious jams.

M’sian graduates turn unsold chillis into chilli jam

Auni nazirah mohd fadzil and ong keen bin, upm graduates
Photo via Buletin TV3

Usually, chilli peppers are used for sauces or pickles, adding that spicy zing to our meals. But at UPM, they’re thinking outside the box, turning these spicy peppers into sweet jams, reported Buletin TV3.

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It all started with a problem: farmers had too many low-quality chilli peppers that nobody wanted, so they just went to waste. Seeing this, a team of UPM graduates decided to step in. They wanted to rescue these forgotten peppers and turn them into something everyone would love.

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“Chilli made into jam? It sounds unlikely, but it’s no longer impossible. It all started when we saw many farmers complaining about a surplus of unsold chilli peppers, especially the low grade ones, which ended up rotting and being discarded.”

“Not only does it save them from being thrown away, but we can also diversify the products made from chilli, which are usually just made into sambal.

Under the guidance of Auni Nazirah Mohd Fadzil, the team found that big chilli peppers were perfect for their jam. They mixed in other natural ingredients chosen to match the Malaysian taste. What began as a project in their last year of university has now become a big idea, ready to change how we see chilli.

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Chillis mixed with pineapple and chia seed
Screenshot via Fb/Buletin TV9

The process wasn’t without its challenges. From trying out different recipes and adapting machines, the team encountered numerous obstacles along the way. But they never gave up. They were determined to give a new twist to a simple ingredient.

Sweet, spicy and healthy

Chilli jam invented by upm graduates
Screenshot via Fb/Buletin TV9

The resulting chilli jam boasts a unique flavour profile, blending the sweetness of honey and pineapple with the spiciness of chilli peppers. They added chia seeds and fruit peel powder for extra goodness and texture. So, it’s not just yummy but also a healthy option for those who care about what they eat.

For Ong Keen Bin, getting the chili jam just right was tough but worth it. With careful research and testing, they managed to make a product that tastes great and keeps all the good stuff from the peppers intact.

“If you’re curious about the taste… it’s sweet with a spicy kick that you won’t find anywhere else,” he explained.

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