M’sian Gives RM300 Tip To OKU Rider Who Delivers Orders Even During Rainy Days

"This brother is disabled, but he's more diligent than us who are able-bodied, what's your excuse?"

Rainy days can be a real challenge for some professions, especially for delivery riders who have to navigate through the weather to deliver our food.

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On one such rainy day in Kuala Lumpur, a heartwarming act of kindness caught everyone’s attention.

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A TikTok user, moved by the dedication of these riders, decided to do something special for whoever delivered her meal that day.

She prepared a generous tip of RM300, a gesture that went above and beyond the usual ‘thank you’.

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M'sian gives rm300 tip to oku rider who delivers orders even during rainy days | weirdkaya
Screenshot via TikTok/ sugardollbynn

The video shared by the TikToker, sugardollbynn, captured a moment that would soon resonate with over a million viewers.

It showed the delivery rider, braving the rain to bring the food to her doorstep.

When the lady learned that the rider was not just any delivery person but one overcoming physical challenges to do his job, her act of generosity felt even more significant.

She commented on the situation, highlighting the rider’s hard work and questioning, “If he can put in so much effort despite his challenges, what’s stopping us from trying our best?”

This story quickly spread online, touching hearts and sparking conversations about gratitude, hard work, and the simple yet profound impact of kindness.

Comments poured in, praising the woman’s generous spirit and sharing similar experiences of appreciation and the joy of giving.

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@sugardollbynn Kdg2 Allah hadirkan kita cerita dpn mata utk pengajaran. Dlm rezeki kita ada rezeki org lain.akk percaya selagi mana kite berusaha, selagi tu la allah akan hadirkan bantuan dan izinkan kita utk menuai hasil usaha kita. Yg penting jgn malas. Kalau malas elok mampos😂 Because to be honest each of us sedang struggle dan berjuang dlm cerita masing2, akk doakan semoga urusan kalian dipermudahkan. Yg mana mcm biawaj hidup, bnyk alasan. Akk doakan korg jd malu dgn diri sendiri sbb abg ni yg OKU lg rajin dr kita yg sempurna. Kepada kalian, klu ternampak akk dkt bazaar jgn lupa hi ok? Nti kite sama2 kongsi rezeki! Salam ramadhan! #ramadhan #grabfood #grabrider #motivationalvideo #fyp ♬ Jiwa Yang Bersedih – Ghea Indrawari


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