M’sian Gives Rider Money To Refuel Empty Tank, He Spends RM1 & Saves The Rest For His Kid’s Diaper

"My child at home hasn't eaten yet."
A young man took to social media to share a saddening encounter where a Grab driver with an empty tank decided to save the money he was given for his son’s diapers and only spent RM1 on refueling.

Posted on TikTok, user @boss.erry shared an interaction with a struggling Grab driver, making netizens’ eyes wet.

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Pushing the motor at roadside
Image via TikTok/@boss.erry

Offer money for refueling

Erry first noticed the driver pushing his motorcycle by the roadside with an empty fuel tank. He then proceed to approached and offered him money to refuel at a nearby station.

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Following the driver to the Petron station, Erry saw that the driver only put RM1 worth of fuel into his motorcycle.

Only refuel rm1
Image via TikTok/@boss.erry

Confused and concerned, Erry approached the driver to ask why he didn’t use more of the money.

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“Are you okay? You said your fuel was empty, right? How come you only refueled RM1,” Erry asked the man.

Trying to save the money

The driver explained that he only needed fuel to go home, and wanted to save the money for his kids.

“My child at home hasn’t eaten yet, bro. Really bro. The extra money, I want to use it to buy disposable diapers,” the rider said tearfully.

Talking with the grab rider
Image via TikTok/@boss.erry

Moved by the driver’s situation, Erry gave him more money to help.

“I just want to share my blessings, bro. Just take it.” Erry insisted to give him the money when the rider refused to accept the money.

Watch the full video here:


Jom doakan abang kita sentiasa dimewahkan rezeki & selamat dunia akhirat. 🤲🏻#doa

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