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M’sian Students Gift Teacher Who Helped Them Score As In SPM A Brand New TV

How the tables have turned.
In Malaysia, teachers sometimes reward students who excel in their SPM exams with small gifts for motivation, but in a surprising turn of events, one teacher was astonished to receive a television from his students.

According to a video uploaded by TikTok user @izzhuznie, a group of students arrived at their teacher’s home one evening, carrying a television.

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Students carrying in the tv
Image via TikTok/izzhuznie

To replace the teacher’s faulty TV

In the video, the students were seen bringing the TV to his house and setting it up for him, which deeply moved the teacher.

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“I was shocked. They knew my TV was broken and they actually brought a new one. Congratulations on getting an A in the Nursery and Landscape subject, and thank you so much for the TV,” the teacher expressed his surprise in the caption.

He explained that his old TV was very outdated and had a faulty screen, making it only useful for audio.

Setting up the tv for teacher
Image via TikTok/izzhuznie

We spoke to the teacher

Speaking to WeirdKaya, Huznie, the teacher, shared his heartwarming experience which happened yesterday (30th May 2024). He recounted how his students had surprised him with a brand new LG television as a gesture of gratitude after they aced the subject he taught, which was Landscape and Nursery.

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I am glad they appreciate the efforts I put in to teach them, but I never expected such surprise from them, I am so thankful to have such students.

Netizens’ reaction

The act of gratitude from the students has garnered widespread praise online.

Many netizens commended the students for remembering their teacher’s hard work and showing their appreciation in such a meaningful way.

“This is a display of students’ gratitude towards their teacher. He must be their favorite teacher.”

Screenshot 2024-05-30 at 2. 37. 40 pm
Image via TikTok/izzhuznie

“Congratulations, sir..kudos also to your students. I’m sure you teach so well that the kids are happy and grateful..😊”

Screenshot 2024-05-30 at 2. 46. 12 pm
Image via TikTok/izzhuznie

“Did the teacher wrote a wish list?”

Screenshot 2024-05-30 at 2. 39. 49 pm
Image via TikTok/izzhuznie

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