“Can You Understand Simple English?” — M’sian Girl Gets Scolded By Rude Customer, Urges Others To Show Respect

Respect others.
In this modern age, incidents of customers treating those who work in the customer service line poorly are bound to happen due to the perception that they are uneducated.

One petrol station worker in Penang recently took to TikTok to share her frustration over how a customer disparaged her over a misunderstanding concerning Bonuslink points.

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Customer wanted to redeem Bonuslink points

According to the 1-minute 30-second TikTok video uploaded by Kay, she was approached by a man who wanted to transfer points into his Bonuslink card.

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When she told him that he needed to first scan or swipe the card and pump petrol into his car before getting the points, he insisted that he didn’t have to do so back in KL.

However, Kay stood her ground and told him that it wasn’t possible, regardless of his location.

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Screenshot via TikTok/@kayshta

‘Can you understand simple English?’

At this point, the man became upset over Kay’s refusal to let him get his Bonuslink points and proceeded to insult her English proficiency:

Can you understand my simple English?

This inevitably set her on an edge and she revealed in the clip that she spoke to the man in “perfect English”.

I have Band 5 in MUET. Like I know how to speak good English! I can understand what you’re saying!

Screenshot via TikTok/@kayshta

Kay also said that she was just following company protocols and that it didn’t make sense for her or anyone to withhold the Bonuslink points.

Towards the end of the clip, she said the incident had hurt her deeply as she was talked down upon like an uneducated person.

‘Treat us with respect’

Speaking to WeirdKaya, Kay, who actually holds a degree in accounting from University Utara Malaysia (UUM), said the incident occurred at around 8.30pm and she was tasked with handling the customer as she was the only senior staff who was fluent in English around.

She added that although she tried explaining to the man three times over why he couldn’t get his Bonuslink points, he became angry and disrespected her by commenting on her English proficiency.

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Screenshot via TikTok/@kayshta

I remained as calm as I could but I felt very ashamed after the incident because he raised his voice in front of my staff and other customers,” she recounted.

Kay also said she hopes her encounter will cause others to be more respectful towards those working in the customer service line.

“Please treat those in customer service with respect and compassion regardless of background. It’s not an easy job but some enjoy serving and helping others.

“Just because I look ordinary doesn’t mean people can treat me less (of a person). Don’t judge any book by its cover,” she said.

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Watch the clip here:


Gonna tattoo my mensa id on my forehead la mcm ni

♬ original sound – kaysh 🐚

Everyone deserves respect for what they do even though it may not be one that most would relish in doing!

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