M’sian Girl Falls Into Pond While Feeding Fishes, Mum Quickly Jumps In To Save Her

Mother power!
In a heart-stopping moment captured on video, right after her small girl fell into a pond, her mother leapt into the water without hesitation.

The incident occurred during a seemingly peaceful day out at a park in Petaling Jaya, where the family was feeding fish from a bridge.

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Feeding fish with her kid
Image via TikTok/ @ahfadd

Quick reaction from the mother

The video, shared by TikTok user @ahfadd, shows the mother cautioning her daughters to stay away from the edge while they fed the fish.

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Despite her warnings, the older daughter lost her balance while throwing bread to the fish and tumbled into the pond, scattering bread slices around her.

Reacting instantly, the mother jumped into the pond. With remarkable composure and quick reflexes, she managed to grab her daughter and pull her to safety, still holding a pack of bread in her other hand.

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Fortunately, the pond was not deep, which allowed the mother to act swiftly and prevent any harm.

Mother saving her kid
Image via TikTok/ @ahfadd

Netizen in awe

The video has since gone viral, with netizens praising the mother’s quick action and presence of mind.

“Still holding the bread, the power of a mother, multitasking!”

Mom didnt let go of bread
Image via TikTok/ @ahfadd

“So far, you’re the only one who hasn’t screamed. The best!”

Comment mom didnt scream

“Luckily the pond is not deep, and there are no Arapaima fish.”

Comment pond is not too deeo
Image via TikTok/ @ahfadd

Watch the full video:

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Pesanan untuk setiap ibu bapa @ penjaga untuk sentiasa mengawasi pergerakan anak2 ketika memberi makan ikan di kolam, tasik, sungai & sebagainya… Nasib si ibu bertindak cepat terus terjun menyelamatkan anaknya tanpa berfikir panjang. Alhamdulillah…

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