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M’sian Gen Z Rejects Full-Time Job Offer, Asks For ‘Part-Time Job’ That Lets Him Work 6 Days A Week 

I prefer working full-time in a job that only requires me to work 1-2 days per week.
A Malaysian Gen Z job seeker recently declined a full-time position, expressing a preference for a part-time role that allows him to work six days a week.

A man named Lee shared a screenshot on Facebook of a conversation between his colleague from the HR department and the job seeker.

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The colleague clearly stated that the job was full-time, requiring six days of work per week.

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Prefer work-life balance

However, the job seeker responded that he was looking for a part-time job but could work six days a week. This confused the colleague, who asked, “Isn’t that full-time?” The job seeker replied, “What I understand by full-time is working every day.”

Despite the colleague explaining that part-time typically means working only one to two days a week, the job seeker insisted he could not take on a full-time role and needed to reconsider his options.

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Job seeker ask for part time job 4

The colleague then informed the job seeker that the position was not suitable for him to avoid future misunderstandings.

The young job seeker explained that he values the flexibility and work-life balance that a part-time job can offer.

He believes that working six days a week part-time will give him enough time to pursue his interests and hobbies while still maintaining a steady income.

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Lee humorously commented that the job seeker opened his eyes to a new understanding, saying, “So what I thought was full-time isn’t full-time, and part-time is actually full-time?”

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