M’sian Food Vendor Allegedly Stabs 26yo Customer With A Knife During Heated Argument In Penang

Efforts to capture the suspect are ongoing.

PENANG, Wednesday – A startling incident occurred at the Penang Cecil market today when a 26-year-old Malaysian man was allegedly stabbed in the abdomen by a food vendor.

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Fried chicken food vendor allegedly stabs customer

The area was smeared with blood, and a sharp knife, believed to have been the weapon used, was found at the scene.

It has been reported that the vendor involved in the incident runs a fried chicken rice stall at the Cecil market and has been in business there for about six months.

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Knife left at the scene
Photo: Oriental Daily

After the attack, the injured man staggered back to his car, where he was found slumped over in the driver’s seat.

M’sian food vendor allegedly stabs 26yo customer with a knife during heated argument 2
Photo: Oriental Daily

With the assistance of the locals, an ambulance was called. Medical professionals administered initial care on-site before rushing him to the hospital for further treatment.

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The alleged assailant fled swiftly after the incident.

M’sian food vendor allegedly stabs 26yo customer with a knife during heated argument 3
Photo: Oriental Daily

The police have cordoned off the area and are actively investigating. Efforts to capture the suspect are ongoing.

A local vendor, who witnessed the scene, shared that there was a dispute between the alleged attacker and the victim within the market area. They were seen pushing each other when bystanders stepped in to break up the fight, only to discover the young man had already been stabbed.

Police investigating

Rumors have surfaced suggesting that the injured individual might be a debt collector. However, the actual circumstances leading to the altercation remain unclear and await further clarification from the police.

In addition, Wong Tian Fah (transliteration), chairman of the Cecil Market Hawker Association, said that when he arrived at the market at about 2:45 pm, he was informed by the operator that an injury had occurred, and he immediately called the police.

He said that the Penang Island City Council recently installed closed-circuit television in the market, which may have captured the incident.

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