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M’sian Firemen Buka Puasa By The Roadside As They Had To Respond To An Emergency Before Iftar


As many in many rush to wrap up their work to enjoy iftar with families, what happens to those on duty, like our heroes at the fire department?

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This question was answered poignantly by firefighter Mohd Ridzwan Shah, who took to TikTok (@wawan0405) to share a moment that tugged at the heartstrings of many.

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The clip featured Ridzwan and his crew, caught in a race against time, responding to an emergency oil spill mere minutes before the time to break their fast.

With iftar inching closer, the urgency was palpable, so much so that one team member cradled a large jug of soya cincau—a refreshing drink prepared for breaking their fast—on his lap as they dashed to the scene.

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Dugaan ramadhan🤣🤣🤣

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After valiantly dealing with the emergency, Ridzwan later shared a follow-up video revealing the crew breaking their fast by the roadside.

Surrounded by the twilight and the day’s fatigue, they shared smiles and soya cincau, a simple yet profound moment of camaraderie and sacrifice.



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Speaking to WeirdKaya Ridzwan, affectionately known in his brigade as Shah, shed light on the challenges faced by firefighters during Ramadan.

Serving at the Kempas Fire & Rescue Station in Johor, he detailed how, on that eventful day, his team of 12 received the distress call around 6:50 PM.

On the day of the incident, I was with my team of 12 people, and around 6:50 PM, we received an emergency call about an oil spill that was quite far from our station. Since it was close to iftar time, we had to bring the water we had prepared for breaking our fast.

Despite the distance and the nearing iftar time, they were determined to carry out their duty, equipped with pre-prepared drinks for breaking fast.

Ridzwan emphasized the relentless readiness required in their line of work, unaffected by time or location, and highlighted the amplified challenges posed by the hot weather and an increase in grass fires during Ramadan, all demanding a significant toll on their physical stamina.

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