Inside Scoop Welcomes M’sians To Buka Puasa At Its Stores Even If You Don’t Feel Like Ordering Anything

No need to buy ice cream also nvm leh.
In a world where some kopitiam might side-eye you for sneaking in your own water bottle, or even dare to charge you extra for the luxury of an additional glass, Inside Scoop is flipping the script in the most chill way possible.

During the holy month of Ramadan, they warmly invite patrons to bring their own meals and break their fast within the welcoming walls of their outlets, with absolutely no pressure to make a purchase.

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This act of hospitality, highlighted in an Instagram post that swiftly captured the attention of social media enthusiasts, boldly declares, “Bring your food, skipping on the ice cream is perfectly fine. Guaranteed!”

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This initiative, which spans the entire month of Ramadan, offers an open invitation to guests to visit any Inside Scoop branch at iftar time. “Embark on a joyous iftar journey with us at all Inside Scoop locations this Ramadan!” they proclaim.

Whether guests are in the mood to bring their own dishes or fancy an ice cream treat, the focus remains on collective iftar celebrations.

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Inside Scoop’s doors are flung open wide, eagerly welcoming families, friends, or individuals dining solo, all in the spirit of creating an indelible iftar experience together.

This campaign has quickly won the hearts of the online community, earning accolades for its considerate approach and garnering pledges of support.

Some enthusiasts are even looking forward to complementing their post-iftar meal with a dessert from Inside Scoop’s ice cream selection.

Addressing queries about the possibility of bringing external food into their stores, Inside Scoop confidently reassures, “Absolutely! Feel free to bring food from any place and break your fast at any Inside Scoop location!”

Inside scoop welcomes m'sians to buka puasa at its stores even if you don't feel like ordering anything | weirdkaya
Screenshot via Instagram/ myinsidescoop


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