M’sian Family Cleans Up Table After Buka Puasa Meal At Restaurant, Wins Praise Online

Awesome family.

In a move that’s warming hearts and winning likes across the Internet, a family of four didn’t just break their fast last night; they broke the mold of typical diners.

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After dashing to a ikan bakar restaurant for a scrumptious break-fast, they did something that left onlookers and netizens in awe.

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They cleaned up their table like pros.

The berbuka crowd is known to dash in and out, but this foursome slowed down to stack plates, sort leftovers, and basically left their spot at the restaurant as tidy as they found it.

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In the hectic world of iftar bookings, their act was a breath of fresh air for the busy staff, who often skip their own break-fast to keep things running smoothly.

Restaurant owner shares to social media

While the crew is there to clean up, this family’s neat-freak level tidiness was a small gesture that made a big impact.

The restaurant owner, clearly impressed by the tidiness tableau, took to their Facebook page to sing the family’s praises. “Never have we seen such consideration and neatness.”

Netizens gave a virtual thumbs up to the family’s cleanup skills. It’s not every day you see diners turning into tidy-uppers, and this family’s attention to detail didn’t go unnoticed.

The post celebrating the family’s considerate cleanup has since gone viral, amassing over 18,000 likes as a flood of positive vibes and praises pours into the comments section.


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