M’sian Engineer Sues Hospital For RM55mil After Losing Legs Due To Medical Negligence

The lawsuit seeks RM55 million for Isman's medical needs and his family's future, especially for his unborn child.
In a shocking revelation, Isman Ibrahim, a 41-year-old engineer assistant at the Shah Alam City Council (MBSA), shared his traumatic experience of losing both his legs due to medical negligence.
Isman ibrahim
Photo via Kosmo!

Surgery gone awry

What began as a routine surgery for appendicitis turned into a nightmare of unimaginable proportions, leaving Isman grappling with physical and emotional scars that may never fully heal.

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“I entered due to appendicitis but due to their negligence, my legs are gone”.

The ordeal began in June 2019 when Isman underwent surgery at a prominent hospital after a CT scan revealed appendicitis, reported Kosmo!.

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However, what should have been a straightforward procedure took a devastating turn. Isman alleges that during the surgery, the operating doctor negligently pierced and tied his main blood vessels, resulting in severe damage to both his legs, causing them to turn black from gangrene.

Hospital transfers and double leg amputation

The gravity of the situation escalated when Isman was transferred to another private hospital for further treatment.

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“The surgical procedure did not go well when the operating doctor allegedly pierced and tied the main blood vessels, causing both my legs to turn black or gangrene. The hospital then transferred me to another private hospital. As a result, further examinations led to my legs being amputated to save my life”.

Despite efforts to salvage his limbs, the extent of the damage was irreparable, and Isman was left with no choice but to undergo a double leg amputation to save his life. The loss of his legs was not only a physical blow but also a profound emotional trauma for Isman and his family.

‘Whose heart wouldn’t ache at the sight of their changed self?’

Speaking about his ordeal, Isman recounted the agony of facing such a life-altering situation while his wife was pregnant with their fourth child.

Isman ibrahim
Photo via Utusan Malaysia

The anguish of witnessing his own physical deterioration, coupled with the need to shield his children from the harsh reality, weighed heavily on him.

“During all this, my wife was pregnant with our fourth child. Whose heart wouldn’t ache seeing oneself no longer the same as before?

“For 10 days, I had to hide my fate from our other three children before those present later also cried seeing their father’s new condition,” he said.

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The RM55 million lawsuit

The revelation of medical negligence came to light when Isman discovered a recorded conversation with one of the anesthesiologists involved in the surgery, who indicated a high likelihood of negligence in piercing the blood vessel.

This revelation further fuelled Isman’s determination to seek justice and hold the hospital accountable for their actions.

In the pursuit of justice, Isman, with the support of his legal team, decided to take legal action against the hospital.

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“I am determined to bring this case to court to expose the negligence of the hospital. I’m sure there are many cases being silenced, and I hope those in similar situations will come forward,” he said.

Their initial lawsuit seeks compensation of RM55 million, aiming not only to address Isman’s immediate medical needs but also to secure the future well-being of his family, particularly his unborn child.

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