M’sian Durian Vendors Go Viral For Selling ‘King Of Fruits’ Shirtless In Kajang

This durian stall in Kajang is not just famous for its delicious and fragrant durians, but also for its eye-catching male vendor.

The shirtless vendor has caught the attention of many, especially after a video of him went viral on the stall’s official TikTok account.

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One of the vendors, Irfan explained that going shirtless wasn’t a deliberate attempt to attract customers or gain viral fame, according to Kosmo.

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“I was busy arranging and placing the freshly arrived durians from Johor. It was midday, and I was wearing a thick shirt,” said Irfan.

“I didn’t expect anyone to record me. Even my sister took videos for TikTok content.”

Irfan shared that the viral video drew a lot of attention, with many customers discovering the stall through TikTok. While there were some negative comments, he takes them in stride.

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His cousin, Meor, said this is their second year selling durians together as a family business. The viral video had a significant impact, bringing more customers this year compared to last.

“This year, we are more physically fit after returning to the gym, which might have added to the video’s appeal,” Meor noted. “Last year, we were skinnier, and our business didn’t go viral.”

The stall has been open since June 7, operating from 10 AM to 1 AM, and they sell various types of durians, including Musang King, IOI, Red Durian, and Black Thorn.

The viral TikTok video has brought customers from Johor, Rawang, and Klang, Selangor.


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