M’sian Durian Seller Looking For Customer Who Paid RM1.56 Instead Of RM156 

It happens to the best of us.

In an unusual incident underscoring the importance of verifying online payments, a durian seller sought help on Facebook to locate a customer who paid considerably less than the durian’s actual price.

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The incident unfolded on a seemingly ordinary evening, at precisely 6:23 pm in Malacca yesterday.

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RM156 vs. RM1.56 of durians

The seller, who operates a durian stall, was confronted with a rather perplexing situation. A customer, described as arriving in a red car, had selected durians worth a total of RM156.

Screenshot of durian seller paid only rm1. 56

However, when it came time to settle the bill, the customer’s online transfer showed only RM1.56.

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Surprised by the vast difference between the purchase and payment amounts, the durian seller turned to social media for assistance.

Their Facebook post in Malacca Durian Heng group appealed to the community to help identify and contact the customer to collect the remaining balance.

Screenshot of durian seller paid only rm1. 56
Screenshot via Fb/Malacca Durian Heng

“Just now at 6.23 pm there was a customer with a red car, who came to buy durians amounting to RM156, but only ‘transferred’ RM1.56. Can you WhatsApp us to pay the balance?” wrote the seller in their post.

Sympathy and advice from netizens

The post quickly gained attention, accumulating over 500 likes and 100 comments from concerned netizens who had either faced similar situations or offered advice.

One user suggested a practical solution, stating, “If the amount is this big, ask the customer to send a slip via WhatsApp before leaving. Many people have been like this. Hopefully your affairs will be made easier.”

In a show of understanding, another user admitted to making an accidental error in transferring money, stating, “I once made the mistake of forgetting to press 00. I wanted to transfer RM320, so it’s only RM32. Hope this one is just an accident too. When you realize, transfer again.”

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In the world of online transactions, this durian mix-up reminds us of one golden rule: double-check everything.

Whether you’re buying or selling, a little extra attention can prevent big surprises. So, before you hit that “send” button, make sure the numbers add up.


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