Here Are 4 Tips On How To Store Durian Fillings For Up To 1 Year

Can eat them anytime!

Durian, the revered king of fruits, is a highly anticipated delight for its devoted fans every season.

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However, the short-lived nature of durian season often leaves enthusiasts longing for its exquisite flavours once it’s over.

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But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with four easy steps to store durian properly, keeping it fresh and delicious for longer.

1. Prepare plastic wrap and plastic containers

Plastic wrap opened by scissor
Photo via Facebook/Nor Tipah Zakaria

To begin, gather the following supplies: plastic wrap and plastic containers. These materials will aid in preserving the taste and texture of the durian.

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2. Wrapping the durian

Durian wrapped with plastic wrap
Photo via Facebook/Nor Tipah Zakaria

Open the durian and carefully extract a portion of the filling.

Later, wrap the extracted portion neatly using plastic wrap, ensuring it is tightly sealed.

3. Storing the durian

Store durian fillings inside tupperware
Photo via Facebook/Nor Tipah Zakaria

Next, place the wrapped durian in a plastic container, ensuring it is covered tightly.

Choose a container suitable for freezing, such as a freezer-safe plastic container.

This additional layer of protection will help prevent air exposure and maintain the fruit’s freshness.

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4. Freezing the durian

Durian being frozen
Photo via Facebook/Nor Tipah Zakaria

Finally, store the wrapped durian in the freezer or chiller to preserve its flavours and textures.

Correct storage can keep durian fresh for up to one year.

When ready to enjoy, thaw the durian by removing the container from the freezer and allow it to defrost.

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With these tips, you can now enjoy durian beyond its season. Happy durian feasting!


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