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M’sian Driver Drags Female Passenger Out Of Car After InDrive App Alerts Him Of Her Complaint Mid-Ride

The driver has been fined with RM2,000.
Many Malaysians frequently use e-hailing services for their convenience and reliability, making them a vital part of daily transportation.

Recently, a Malaysian woman shared a harrowing experience she had with an inDrive driver on her Instagram page.

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The indrive driver who assaulted the woman.
Photo provided to WeirdKaya

Maya, the original poster, recounted how she was assaulted with a metal bottle, forcibly dragged out of the car, and abandoned by the e-hailing driver on the highway.

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The driver trying to pull the passenger out of the car in the middle of the road
Photo provided to WeirdKaya

Speaking exclusively to WeirdKaya, Maya explained that she had to experience this situation after using indrive’s in-app reporting system, which alerted the driver immediately, prompting him to act in such a way.

Here’s what happened

Maya shared with WeirdKaya that at the beginning of the ride, she politely requested the driver to take a non-toll route.

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Despite addressing him in a neutral tone, the driver lost his temper and began scolding her.

Shortly after, the driver continued scolding her, despite her remaining silent. He then turned up the music volume to an extremely high level, making it difficult for her to hear or think clearly.

Maya added that she is particularly sensitive to loud sounds, which significantly heightened her anxiety.

Things escalated quickly

Feeling threatened by the driver’s aggressive behavior, Maya decided to report the incident through the inDrive support chat.

She mentioned that the operator assisting her repeatedly ended the chat session halfway through, adding to her frustration and distress.

However, immediately after she submitted her report, the driver received a notification about it, which further enraged him and caused him to lose control of his emotions.

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The driver touching without her consent and drags her out
Photo provided to WeirdKaya

He abruptly stopped the car in the middle of the highway, ended the ride, and demanded that she get out.

Maya refused, as it was dangerous to exit the vehicle on the highway, a decision anyone in her situation would have made.

I called 999 (Malaysia emergency) but the call was breaking up so I pretended to talk to them and started recording.

The abuse started from there

The driver got out of the car and threw her metal flask at her face while she was screaming, “Do not touch me.”

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Msiandriver hits passenger with metal flask and drags her out

Despite her clear protests, he grabbed her arms and legs and forcibly pulled her out of the car.

He then threw her onto the roadside and drove off, leaving her bleeding, crying, and having a panic attack on the highway. She was left wondering what had gone wrong.

The driver forcefully dragging her out

Fortunately, a kind stranger stopped to offer help. He drove her to the nearest police station, where she filed a report against the alleged driver.

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The police report
Photo provided to WeirdKaya

Maya stated that since the incident, the driver has been arrested and fined RM2,000.

Her only concern for now

Maya expressed significant concerns about the support chat system inDrive uses. She mentioned that when she initially reported the incident, she was forced to fill out a form detailing the ride, among other things.

Despite her urgent need for assistance, the support chat repeatedly ended.

Even when I was at the police station trying to contact them, they kept ending the support chat,” she said.

Her chats with one of they support specialist with indrive
Screenshot provided to WeirdKaya

Additionally, when she requested the chat history later, she was informed that they did not have access to previous chat records.

Maya believes that inDrive could have handled the situation much better. Firstly, they should not have notified the driver about the complaint before the ride ended.

Secondly, they should have acted immediately when the driver ended the trip in the middle of a highway following her report of his verbally abusive behavior.

InDrive is doing too many things wrong. I need them to actually care for their customers,” Maya stated.

Here’s what InDrive has to say

The incident that took place clearly shows how inDrive’s support chat system is not reliable and trustworthy.

Despite the heavy accusations, indrive told WeirdKaya that they are deeply concerned about the reported behavior and will most certainly take a closer look at it.

Though such incidents cannot be stopped, it was clear enough that inDrive should’ve done it’s part to protect it’s customer.

They have also addressed that they are putting in efforts to make their app better and safer.

Moreover they added that inDrive is a vehicle aggregator service which is also known as an e-hailing service where they only provide technology infrastructure in the form of an application which is the inDrive application to users.

This means that all these transport/logistics suppliers driver are not employees of inDrive or can be associated with us in any way as they provide their services as third party independent contractors,” they added.

What do you think about this? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.


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