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M’sian DJ Almost Whacked By Rude Uncle Who Forced Concertgoer To Make Room For Him In Free Seating Zone

Concerts are supposed to be a fun and exhilarating experience as it allows concertgoers to watch their favorite artists perform up close. However, there are those who simply ruin it for everyone with their behavior.

A local DJ recently took to Instagram to share how he nearly became a victim of physical assault after he confronted an uncle who tried to bully a concertgoer to make space for him in a free seating zone.

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Rude uncle tries to force concertgoer to make room for him

In a Instagram post uploaded by MyFM DJ Der Ting yesterday (May 13), he recounted how an uncle tried to force a concertgoer into making room for him at the One Love Asia Festival which was held at Sunway Lagoon’s Surf Beach.

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According to him, the uncle felt that it was too crowded for him and told a guy clad in a red shirt to “move back to his seat”. However, the latter said nothing and stood where he was, signaling that he wasn’t going to comply.

Angry that his demands weren’t met, Der Ting wrote that the uncle became increasingly irate and used his body to knock into the concertgoer while speaking in a threatening tone towards him.

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Confronts uncle over unruly behavior

Unable to watch the concertgoer being bullied into submission, Der Ting decided to step in and play as peacemaker to defuse the tense situation.

I felt that the uncle was being unreasonable as it was a free seating zone, meaning that there’s no such thing as ‘having your own seat’.

“When I told the uncle that what he did was wrong, he proceeded to lash out on me by calling me a busybody and even threatened to drag me and the concertgoer out to ‘settle’ things,” he wrote.

M'sian dj almost whacked by rude uncle who forced concertgoer to make room for him in free seating zone | weirdkaya
Screenshot via Instagram/@derting123

In the end, the concertgoer chose to stand elsewhere in order not to escalate the situation any further, thus giving the uncle what he wanted — a ‘seat’ of his own.

However, it didn’t sit well with Der Ting, who wrote that this wasn’t the first time he had witnessed such injustice.

“If you see anyone who’s in the same situation, be brave in stepping forward to help them because if we don’t, good people will continue to be bullied by others.”

Read the post here:

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Der Ting later told WeirdKaya that even after the incident, the uncle continued to act rowdily towards other concertgoers as well.

“Halfway through the concert, he had to go to the toilet. But before doing so, he loudly instructed us to keep his ‘seat’ for him and said a bunch of vulgarities as well.

“Although everyone was super unhappy with his behavior, we still decided to keep his ‘seat’ for him as we wanted to put the matter behind us.”

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M'sian dj almost whacked by rude uncle who forced concertgoer to make room for him in free seating zone
Screenshot via Instagram/@derting123

When asked whether he informed the organiser or planned to lodge a police report over the man’s behavior, Der Ting said no and reiterated that he simply wants bygones to be bygones.

PSA to all concertgoers: Don’t ruin the fun for others by throwing a childish tantrum when things don’t go your way!


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