M’sian Delivery Rider Falls Asleep In Front Of Penang Shop Due To Hot Weather

Not an easy job.
With the current heatwave sweeping through Malaysia, many are finding it hard to keep cool and find themselves feeling more lethargic than usual due to the sweltering heat.

A delivery rider was so overwhelmed by the heat that he unwittingly fell asleep along the five-foot walkway in Penang, where passersby thought he had passed out and needed medical attention.

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M’sian delivery rider falls asleep in front of Penang shop

In a video shared by a shop located at Bishop Street in Penang on Xiaohongshu (XHS), it showed a delivery rider sprawled along the five-foot walkway.

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M'sian delivery rider falls asleep along five-foot walkway
Photo via XHS

In the post caption, the shop’s staff noticed that the rider had been lying in front of the premise for a long time and went to check on him.

One of the staff is seen sprinkling water on the rider’s face and shaking him by the shoulder to wake him up but to no avail.

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Man tries waking delivery rider up
Screenshot via XHS

Worried that it might be a sign of something more severe, the shop immediately contacted the paramedics, who promptly arrived at the scene.

Thankfully, the rider turned out to be fine and had apparently fallen asleep due to the hot weather.

Towards the end of the clip, the rider is seen entering the ambulance, presumably to be taken to the hospital to ensure that he was in good health.

M'sian elivery rider goes into ambulance
Screenshot via XHS

The shop acknowledged the hard work and toil delivery riders have to go through and thanked them for delivering meals no matter the weather.

‘Thank you delivery riders!’

In the comment section, netizens pitied the delivery rider who had to do his job in the midst of the heat and thanked him for his hard work.

’40 over degrees…it’s too hard for them and they’re fasting as well. Thank goodness they still had you (the shop to help them).’

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M'sian delivery rider falls asleep in front of penang shop due to hot weather comment 1
Screenshot via XHS

‘Every time I text the rider I’ll always remind them to drive carefully as I’m not in a rush. Even if I’m super hungry, I’ll always acknowledge their efforts whenever they make the delivery. Sometimes my heart aches for them too.’

M'sian delivery rider falls asleep in front of penang shop due to hot weather comment 2
Screenshot via XHS

Another netizen urged those who lived in high-rise buildings to help ease the burden of delivery riders by going down to collect their order instead of asking the rider to come up.

M'sian delivery rider falls asleep in front of penang shop due to hot weather comment 3
Screenshot via XHS


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