M’sian Dad Walks For Over 3 Hours From Beranang To Kajang Just To Find Food For His Wife & Kids

A devoted father walked from Beranang to Taman Jasmin, Kajang, solely to find food assistance for his wife and children.

This heartwarming story was shared by Nasi Kukus Kak Chiq on Facebook after the food vendor received a WhatsApp message from the man, asking if they had any extra food for his three children.

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“This morning, a man walked from Beranang to Kajang. Yesterday, he WhatsApped us asking if we had any leftover food for his three kids. Unfortunately, we closed at 4 pm yesterday,” the post read.

“We told him to come today, and he started his journey at 7 am. We were surprised to see him come all the way on foot. When he arrived, he was drenched in sweat,” the post continued.

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M'sian dad walks for over 3 hours from beranang to kajang just to find food for his wife & kids | weirdkaya
Photo from Facebook

The father explained that he lost his source of income because his motorcycle broke down. “It will be ready next week, but until then, he has no money to support his family,” the post added.

Nasi Kukus Kak Chiq provided him with some necessities and booked a Grab for his return journey. “We couldn’t let him walk back again. Hopefully, things will get better for him,” the post concluded.

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Netizens expressed their sympathy and wished the man well in his efforts to provide for his family.

According to Google Maps, the journey from Beranang to Taman Jasmin is about 16 kilometers and takes approximately three hours and 34 minutes on foot.


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