“I’m Traumitised” — M’sian Couple Shocked After 2 Men Try To Break Into Cheras Condo From Balcony

"Nothing is impossible these days. Anything could happen."
A Malaysian couple were left reeling with shock after two unknown men tried to break into their condo past midnight on Thursday (Mar 30).

According to an Instagram post, the woman named Phoebe Shafinaz and her husband Sofian Ramli were lounging around at the living room of their condominium in Cheras at 12.43am.

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2 men tried to break into home

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Phoebe’s husband suddenly let out a loud scream, which caught her by surprise.

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I looked up and saw a man about 6ft tall in my balcony. The man tried to open my sliding door when we saw another man just climbing down to my balcony from the floor above.

Fearing the worst, Sofian quickly ran to the sliding door to ensure that it was locked, with Phoebe following close behind as she was worried for his safety.

“I ran towards my husband and pulled him away from the door to make sure he was safe then called the police and security, and sent an SOS message in my condo WhatsApp group,” she recounted.

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She also noted that one the men kept gesturing to them to lower their voices as he tried to forcefully open the sliding door.

Traumitised by the incident

Although the men eventually gave up and scaled down to the floors below, Phoebe and he husband were deeply shaken by the attempted break-in.

I want to believe that the men were just running away from something and just passing through. But my God. Climbing from balconies to another? I live on the 12th floor! This is why I’m always paranoid.

She also wrote that she and Sofian stayed a night at a hotel to catch up on some rest before going to work, adding that her worst fear has come true.

“Nothing is impossible these days. Anything could happen. I’ve been imagining seeing someone on my balcony since I moved in. And [now] it happened.”

One of the suspects caught

Phoebe told WeirdKaya that she later contacted the police but didn’t lodge a police report as the condo’s security took over.

She also said she was informed that one of the men was caught while the other is still on the loose.

“We bought this unit over 10 years ago but we’ve been officially living here for only a year plus after I got married,” she said, adding that this isn’t her first time hearing of people climbing up and down the balcony.

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Despite the traumatic incident, Phoebe expressed her gratitude for her husband’s willingness to risk his personal safety to safeguard hers.

 ‘The sweetest thing that I learned out of this experience is that my husband would do anything to keep me safe. He literally risked his safety just to lock the door.”

Always make sure your doors and windows are locked to prevent suspicious people from breaking in!

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