M’sian Couple Sees Roadside Burger Stall On Fire, U-Turns & Help Put It Out 

Hats off to this quick-thinking couple for their late-night heroics!
A couple driving late at night in Malaysia turned into unexpected heroes when they spotted a potential fire hazard by the roadside and took immediate action to prevent a disaster.

On June 4, around 3am, a vigilant couple noticed smoke coming from a pile of debris on the side of the road.

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Without hesitation, they turned their car around to investigate.

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The driver, who shared the incident on TikTok, recounted how his wife’s keen observation potentially averted a serious fire.

The couple’s dashcam footage showed their car passing by the smoldering pile, prompting the wife to alert her husband about the unusual sight.

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Deciding to check it out, they made a U-turn and found small flames beginning to rise from the debris.

“If I hadn’t turned back to check, and this thing caught fire later, I’d be regretting it for sure,” said the driver.

“Who does something so reckless like this? The fire was just starting when we noticed it. Good thing we turned around.”

In the video, the driver is seen using bottled water from their car to douse the small flames, quipping about the convenience of having mineral water on hand.

@zulhilmi_ahmad92 1 je nak cakap..burger kt sini sedap.. xpe laa..orang yang buat tu..anggap jela dia xpercaya pada rezeki allah.. sy doakan semoga mendapat hidayah.. #kebakaran #burger #kajang ♬ Suspenseful and tense orchestra(1318015) – SoLaTiDo

He expressed confusion and concern over the incident, urging the public to resolve issues amicably instead of resorting to extreme measures.

“It was already 3am, don’t do things that harm others. If there are grievances, talk it out properly,” he advised.

The couple’s quick thinking earned them praise from netizens, who lauded their civic-mindedness.

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Some even jokingly commended the wife’s sharp eyes for not missing the fire.

M'sian couple sees roadside burger stall on fire, u-turns & help put it out  | weirdkaya
Screenshot via TikTok


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