M’sian Couple Allegedly Caught Committing Indecent Act Inside Perodua Axia Near Mosque

Following the viral incident, a family member clarified it involved his brother's friends after a clinic visit, not his family.
A commotion erupted on social media following the circulation of a video showing a couple, believed to be lovers, allegedly engaging in indecent behaviour inside a Perodua Axia car.

M’sian couple allegedly caught committing indecent act

Black axia
Screenshot via X/@jjoni08

The incident, which has shocked many, reportedly took place in the parking lot of a mosque.

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The video, which went viral yesterday evening, is a 27-second clip recorded from outside the car during heavy rain.

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In the footage, the person recording can be heard yelling at the couple:

Man caught couple doing indecent act near mosque inside axia
Screenshot via X/@jjoni08

“Hey, roll down your window. Making out in a mosque area!” prompting the couple to hastily leave the scene.

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While the exact date of the incident remains unclear, it is understood that the location was a mosque in Kuala Lumpur.

Brother’s friend borrowed the Axia

M'sian couple allegedly caught committing indecent act inside perodua axia near mosque | weirdkaya
Screenshot via X/@jjoni08

The video has sparked widespread criticism and condemnation, especially since the alleged indecent act occurred in such a sacred location.

In response to the viral video, an individual claiming to be the son of the car owner came forward to provide clarification. In a Facebook post, the man explained that he was speaking out to clear his family’s name.

“The Axia with the license plate number XXX XXXX belongs to my father, a retired teacher who is now an imam at a prayer house. My father’s name and our home address have been circulated online,” he stated.

“The Axia is used by my youngest brother, who is studying in Kuala Lumpur. My brother is a tahfiz graduate and also serves as an imam and Quran teacher there. We come from a good family, not those who commit immoral acts as has been spread around.”

Further elaborating, he claimed that his brother’s friend had borrowed the Axia a few days ago to take another friend to a clinic.

‘It wasn’t my brother, let alone my father’

According to him, the incident and the recording took place after their clinic visit, and the individuals in the car were his brother’s friends, not his brother or father.

“It wasn’t my brother, and definitely not my father, who owns the car,” he stressed, adding that the Axia is used by the whole family.

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He added that he planned to meet with his brother’s friend and was informed that the individual involved had also gone to the mosque to resolve the matter with the person who recorded the video and other relevant parties.

“If this case is taken to the religious office or any other authority, it is no longer our responsibility. I only want to clear my father’s name, which has been circulated and insulted.”

‘My brother had to ‘rest’ the car’

Expressing his hope that the offender repents and learns from their mistake, he concluded, “May Allah preserve our honor.”

The viral incident has caused additional distress, as his brother has been wrongly accused and labelled as immoral.

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“My youngest brother had to ‘rest’ the car because of threats. He is currently in study week preparing for exams,” he said.

Watch the clip here:

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