M’sian Content Creator Shocked By Sugar Baby’s RM176K Outfit

'I'd rather date my sugar daddies than my broke exes.'
A content creator could hardly believe his ears and eyes after discovering that a sugar baby was wearing an outfit worth RM176,000.

This stunning revelation was captured in a TikTok video by Sam Wong, who is well known for his street interview videos.

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Sam wong interviews sugar baby
Screenshot via TIkTok/@samwongsx

M’sian content creator shocked by sugar baby’s RM176K outfit

In the 1 minute clip, Sam is seen asking complimenting a woman about how nice her outfit was and asking how much it cost at The Exchange TRX.

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She then went into a lengthy list, which was as follows:

– Top from Thailand: RM80
– Skirt from Thailand: RM80
– Boots from Zara: RM300
– Prada Symbole Sunglasses: RM2,000
– Cartier ring: RM8,500
– Rolex Datejust: RM36,000
– Cartier bangle: RM22,000
– Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet: RM26,000
– Van Cleef & Arpels necklace: RM17,000
– Bvlgari necklace: RM13,000
– Hermès Constance: RM51,000

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Sugar baby's rm176k outfit
Screenshots via TIkTok/@samwongsx

All in all, her outfit cost a total of RM175,960, a figure a big that Sam had a hard time digesting. So were we!

‘Rather date my sugar daddies than broke exes’

Astonished by how she was able to afford such a lavish outfit, Sam asked the woman what she did for a living.

In response, the woman said she was a sugar baby and uses the online dating platform Sugarbook. She also revealed that the highest amount she got from her sugar daddies was RM15,000 a month.

Sugar baby says she'd rather date her sugar daddies than exes
Screenshot via TIkTok/@samwongsx

I’m happy being a sugar baby and I’d rather date my sugar daddies than my previous exes who were broke.

“My friends are aware that I’m a sugar baby as they are one too and we all use Sugarbook,” she added.

The woman also said that she’ll never date less well-to-do men in the future, stating that they must at least earn RM20,000 a month in order to be her partner.

Mixed reactions

In the comment section, netizens were split in their reaction towards the sugar baby’s lifestyle and her taste for rich men.

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One felt that there was no pride in letting the world know that one is a sugar baby, adding that it was a “lonely life with no true friends” and “not even worth a pair of flip-flops.”

M'sian content creator shocked by sugar baby's rm176k outfit comment 1
Screenshot via TIkTok/@samwongsx

Some also casted doubt on the sugar baby’s outfit, with one claiming that the Van Cleef accessories didn’t look real.

M'sian content creator shocked by sugar baby's rm176k outfit comment 2
Screenshot via TIkTok/@samwongsx

On the other hand, others praised the sugar baby for her honesty even though it would subject her to public backlash.

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M'sian content creator shocked by sugar baby's rm176k outfit comment 3
Screenshot via TIkTok/@samwongsx
M'sian content creator shocked by sugar baby's rm176k outfit comment 4
Screenshot via TIkTok/@samwongsx

Watch the clip here:

@samwongsx Earning less than RM20,000 a month is B40 😳 RM176,000 OUTFIT – HOW MUCH IS YOUR OUTFIT WORTH at TRX! 💰💰 Went onto the street to ask How Much is Your Outfit Worth, and this girl has RM175,960 OUTFIT on her 😭 How much would you rate her outfit from 1 to 10? #streetinterview #interview #streetinterviews #吉隆坡 #kualalumpur #马来西亚 #malaysia #穿搭 #每日穿搭 #fyp #foryoupage #samwongsx #samwong #街访 #🇲🇾 ♬ original sound – Sam Wong

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