M’sian Claims Myvi Refused To Give Way To Ambulance While His Dad Was In Critical Condition

A concerned netizen has reported that his friend’s father faced a critical delay while being transported to the hospital due to a vehicle refusing to yield.

The incident, shared on social media platform TikTok, details the emergency where the sick man needed an ambulance to transfer him from Perak to Penang Central Hospital.

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Shockingly, a Myvi sedan continuously obstructed the ambulance, ignoring its sirens. The uploader did not specify when this event took place.

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The post quickly garnered attention online, with many condemning the Myvi driver’s reckless behavior and others noting that such incidents are frequent.

There is a strong public sentiment that the government should impose stricter penalties on those who do not give way to emergency vehicles.

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Ayah kepada kawan saya sakit.. hendak dibawa ke Hospital Pantai Penang dari Perak.. Sedang dalam perjalanan di lebuhraya utara selatan menuju ke Pulau Pinang ada Myvi ni menghalang ambulan dan tak mahu bg jalan kepada ambulan.. MYVI COLOR TEH AIS Sumber Hazwan Rosly

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