M’sian Brothers Give Cheerful Wave To Teacher Before Going Home, Unaware That Their Father Has Passed Away

Deepest condolences to the three young brothers and their family.
In a heartbreaking yet touching incident, three young brothers, unaware of their father’s sudden death due to a heart attack, were seen happily waving to the camera as their teacher informed them to pack their bags and go home.

The video was uploaded by a primary school teacher on TikTok, capturing the saddening moment of the 3 cheerful kids.

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Three brother waving
Image via TikTok/@cikguaincomey

Cheerfully waving before leaving the school

The teacher received the devastating news of the students’ father’s sudden passing and had to deliver the message to the children, instructing them to pack up and head home.

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In the video, the three Malay brothers, oblivious to the tragic news, are seen smiling and waving at the camera while standing in the school corridor as their teacher filmed them.

Their innocent reactions have touched many hearts, knowing the heartbreaking reality awaiting them.

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Netizens’ reaction

The video quickly went viral, prompting numerous comments from netizens who shared their own experiences of receiving similar tragic news during their childhood.

“I was at school, and then a prefect came and told me my brother was here to pick me up. When I saw my brother, I asked if mom was gone… he nodded. I cried all the way as I went to get my bag and all my stuff… When I got home, my sister-in-law said mom was still there.”

Similar experience
Image via TikTok/@cikguaincomey

“When I was in Form 4, a teacher called me to pack my bag during an exam. While going down the stairs, the teacher told me my father had passed away. At that moment, I didn’t cry because I thought it was a joke. When I got to the front…”

Informed about father dead form 4
Image via TikTok/@cikguaincomey

Many offered their condolences and expressed hope that the three brothers would find the strength to face the challenging days ahead.

“Allahuakbar… waving happily without knowing the real situation. May they become successful children in this world and the hereafter. I can’t bear to watch for long.”

Become successful ones
Image via TikTok/@cikguaincomey

Watch the full video here:

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Cikgu pun x sampai hati nk beritahu perkara sebenar.. Sehingga ada makcik murid ni yg dtg ambil.. Baru lah tahu perkara sebenar, meraung menagus.. Ya allah kau berikan kekuatab buat anak murid cikgu ain.. Azalea dan adik beradiknya😭

♬ Bila Tiba – UNGU

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