M’sian Boy Saves Up RM500 To Buy Gold Ring For His Mother’s Birthday

As students, we are often broke, making it challenging to afford birthday gifts for our parents. Nevertheless, sometimes children go the extra mile to gift what their parents deserve and it’s among the most beautiful aspects of life.

Netizens were left touched after a post shared on the Facebook group Suamiku Imamku Isteriku Makmumku recounted a touching incident of a teen who sacrificed his finances to make his mother’s birthday a memorable one.

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M’sian boy saves up RM500 to buy gold ring for mother

According to the post, the OP said her friend was approached by a teen who had just finished his SPM at her jewelry shop located in Shah Alam.

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Gold shop
For illustration purposes only. Photo by WeirdKaya

When the teen told the OP’s friend that he was looking for a gold ring, she asked if he was for his girlfriend.

To her surprise, the teen answered:

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No, aunty. I want to buy a ring as a gift for my mother because today is her birthday.

Curious by his answer, the OP’s friend asked the teen how he managed to have so much cash on hand, to which the boy answered by saying he worked part-time servicing air conditioners and had saved up RM500 just for this occasion.

Although the OP’s friend tried to convince the teen to buy a ring which only cost RM300, the latter refused, saying that he wanted to spend all the money on a ring that would be worthy for his mother.

Upon hearing the teen’s words, the OP’s friend was left with tears in her eyes, adding that she couldn’t “forget the smile on his face after he bought the ring”.

She also praised the teen’s mother for raising such a fine son and wished the boy all the best in his future.


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