M’sian Books Flight To Kelantan But Gets Told That His Seat Wasn’t Booked At All

Naturally, one would assume that after booking and paying for a flight, it would also include the seat as well.

However, a local singer had a rude shock upon finding out that his flight ticket DID NOT include his seat, leaving him angered and frustrated.

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M’sian books flight to Kelantan, get informed seat was occupied

Taking to Facebook to share the infuriating encounter, the singer named Jason Chuah wrote that he had bought an 11.10am flight ticket from KL to Kota Bahru, Kelantan. However, when he tried to check in at 9.30am, he found that he was unable to.

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When he asked a staff whether the flight was cancelled, the staff told him that the plane would still fly as usual but all seats were fully occupied, including the one he supposedly booked and paid for.

The staff even told me that I never booked a seat for myself, to which I told him that I had already done so when I bought the ticket. Or else do you expect me to stand throughout the flight?

“The staff said he couldn’t do much but to help me switch flights and I was left waiting at the counter for 30 minutes with no flights switched. Later, I found out that the staff was just chatting with his friends on his phone instead of helping me,” he wrote.

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Not the only one

Jason added that aside from him, there was a group of Singaporean passengers who also booked the same flight and were made to run between four to five counters with no end in sight.

“It was around 10.20am at the time and they couldn’t check in their luggage. When they were informed that the plan’s cargo was closed, they got angry and began yelling at the staff.

“After them, it was my turn to scold the staff. In the end, a female staff told me she would immediately check me in and asked me to leave my luggage at the counter. She even taught me how to lodge a complain online,” he said.

The singer also said that he had to book a nearby hotel room to catch up on some sleep as he only had two hours of sleep the previous night and had to wait for five hours to get onto the flight.

Jason then warned others to be careful when booking a flight with the airline as “buying a plane ticket does not guarantee you a seat; it just puts your name in their system”, adding that passengers can be told “anytime that there are no seats available”.


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