M’sian Asked To Cover His Face For New Car Photo, Salesperson Literally Cuts It Off, Leaves Netizens In Stitches

Nice photoshop skill.
A photo of a man and his brand new car has left social media in stitches after the car dealership’s saleswoman took the request to “hide the face” a bit too literally by photoshopping his entire head out of the picture.

The humorous mishap occurred when the man, a proud new owner of a Proton S70, asked the saleswoman to ensure his face was not visible when sharing the celebratory photo online.

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Obliging, she posted the photo online, not just obscuring his face but removing his head entirely, leading to bewildered and amused reactions online.

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Standing on opposite sides of the shiny car, the saleswoman intended to share a joyful moment of a successful sale.

Instead, the edited photo sparked a laugh riot across the web with the caption, “Customer asked for his face to be hidden, no problem, we took the whole head off, haha!”

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M'sian asked to cover his face for new car photo, salesperson literally cuts it off, leaves netizens in stitches | weirdkaya
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However, the saleswoman made sure to clarify that she had the man’s consent before posting the photo, ensuring everyone knew it was all in good fun.


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