M’sia Likely Records Hottest Year Since 1998, Hot Weather May Last Until July Of This Year 

Malaysia is currently experiencing an El Niño phenomenon, leading to significantly hotter weather which is expected to persist until July this year, Nazmi Nizar, the Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Sustainability said.

According to See Hua Daily, Nazmi said this weather condition will likely make 2024 the hottest year since 1998.

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Nik nazmi
Photo via FB/Nik Nazmi

Regions such as Kelantan, Perlis, and Kedah are expected to face even more severe heat compared to other states like Selangor and Kuala Lumpur,” he said.

It is understood that the last severe heatwave that struck the country was in 1998, with Perlis being the hardest hit.

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Rainfall predicted within the next one or two months

Following the opening ceremony of the  MADANI NRES adopted village event in Kampung Aril, Melor, Nazmi said that a shift in the hot weather is expected soon, with rainfall predicted within the next one or two months.

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Hot weather in malaysia
Photo via Canva. For illustration purposes only.

However, the Meteorological Department of Malaysia (METMalaysia)will continue to monitor these conditions closely.

Nazmi also highlighted ongoing efforts to monitor and alert the public about haze from both domestic and cross-border sources, which have been exacerbated by forest fires.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Energy and Water Transformation, his department is monitoring water levels and will consider artificial rainmaking if necessary, which requires guidance from the Meteorological Department and the National Disaster Management Agency due to its high cost and dependence on weather conditions.

Hot weather in malaysia 2
Photo via Canva. For illustration purposes only.

With the intense heat posing health risks, Nazmi also urged students in primary and secondary schools to stay hydrated and dress appropriately to prevent heatstroke, noting that there have been several incidents involving both children and adults.

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