M’sia Found To Be 8th Most Unsafe Country In Southeast Asia For Women

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One of the most important aspects for any country would be how safe its citizens and tourists are able to walk around without having to fear for their personal safety.

While Malaysia is largely considered to be a fairly safe country, a recent study named it as the 8th most unsafe country for women in the whole of Southeast Asia. Oh no!

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M’sia 8th most unsafe country in Southeast Asia for women

According to an infographic published by Seasia Stats on its Instagram page, it revealed that Malaysia was ranked the 8th most unsafe country for women in Southeast Asia.

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Citing data from the Women Peace and Security (WPS) Index 2023/24, Malaysia was placed at 67th place out of 177 countries across the world.

The study also found that Malaysia achieved a score of 0.738 when it comes to women’s safety, which was based on several assessments of fairness, inclusion, and safety for women across Southeast Asia.

At 10th place (meaning the safest country) was Singapore with a 0.887 score, whereas Brunei wasn’t listed due to lack of available data.

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Here’s the complete ranking of Southeast Asian countries when it comes to women’s safety:

1. Myanmar – 0.451

2. Philippines – 0.612

3. Cambodia – 0.645

4. Timor-Leste – 0.664

5. Indonesia – 0.700

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6. Laos – 0.704

7. Vietnam – 0.707

8. Malaysia – 0.738

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9. Thailand – 0.764

10. Singapore – 0.887

Unfortunately, the issue of sexual harassment has been a longstanding issue in Malaysia, where women have been targeted by unsavory individuals:

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