M’sia 3rd Happiest Country In Southeast Asia For Those Under 30, Study Finds

Reflecting on the times we’ve felt the happiest, many might point to their childhood, university years, or even their working era.

Recently, Malaysia has once again been ranked among the top three happiest countries in Southeast Asia.

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According to an infographic by Seasia Stats, Malaysia has proudly claimed the third rank as the happiest Southeast Asian country for young people.

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Infographic of m'sia 3rd happiest country in southeast asia for those under 30, study finds
Photo via FB/Seasia Stats

Young & Happy

This ranking is based on the World Happiness Report, which delves into the happiness levels of individuals at various life stages and across different generations.

Malaysia shines brightly, ranking 3rd in Southeast Asia and 64th globally for happiness among individuals under 30, with a commendable score of 6.372.

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Leading the pack in Southeast Asia is Thailand, which ranks 45th globally with a score of 6.497. Singapore follows closely in second place, scoring 6.484.

Conversely, Myanmar is identified as the least happy country in the region, placing 122nd globally with a score of 4.354.

However, the top spot for happiness among individuals under 30 is claimed by Lithuania, boasting an impressive score of 7.759.

Groups of malaysians taking selfies
For illustration purposes only. Photo via Canva

Happiness peaks during youth

The World Happiness Report highlights that happiness is at its peak during youth, experiences a decline until middle age, and then undergoes a significant recovery.

Several life aspects, such as education, employment, and health, are closely tied to age, while others are influenced by societal and global circumstances.

The study relies on data from the Gallup World Poll (GWP), which examines factors like social support, freedom of life choices, generosity, and both positive and negative emotions.

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