Ms Puiyi Sues Former Business Partner For Allegedly Cheating Her Of RM4.3mil

Even the person whom you trust the most can betray you.
Ms Puiyi is a name that requires no introduction. Recently, she has made a shocking revelation.

The 26-year-old has initiated legal action against her former business partner, alleging that he defrauded her of nearly RM4.3 million.

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Ms puiyi showing her report at the press conference
Photo via FMT

Ms Puiyi sues ex-business partner

According to FMT, this lawsuit revolves around a 29-year-old director known as “Mentos,” who held a position within her company.

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Ms Puiyi claims she entrusted him with the task of settling the firm’s tax arrears with the Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) last year. However, she alleges that he absconded without meeting this obligation.

Furthermore, she revealed that she also uncovered instances of fund misappropriation by Mentos from her company, PY Empire Sdn Bhd, dating back to June 2022.

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In a press conference, she explained that she was introduced to him by a mutual friend in 2019, and he appeared to be a person of high integrity.

“He managed my company’s human resources matters and invested (my) company funds,” she said.

Expressing her trust in him, she provided him with nearly RM4.3 million.

“I trusted him and gave him the sum (of nearly RM4.3 million). But he did not settle the income tax arrears as instructed. Due to his actions, I have suffered a loss,” she told during the press conference.

Her legal representative, K Mahendran, disclosed that a report was filed on the matter last October, and Ms Puiyi’s statement was recorded by the police on multiple occasions. However, there has been no prosecution or significant update on the case.

Mahendran further added that the civil suit was lodged at the High Court to reclaim the RM4.3 million, along with costs and any additional damages deemed appropriate by the court.


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