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MRT Door At TRX Station Fails To Open, Commuters Forced To Get Off At Next Station During Peak Hour

MRT having Monday Blue too?
Commuters at TRX Station experienced unexpected delays this morning due to a door malfunction on an arriving MRT train, which left many passengers stranded both inside and outside the carriage.

The incident, which occurred during the busy morning rush hour, was documented and shared on Xiaohongshu by a user named “可爱到爆炸”, capturing the moment of confusion and congestion.

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Peak hour disruption

The MRT train, which arrived at the station on schedule between 8 and 9 AM, failed to open its doors, causing a disruption in the flow of passengers eager to start their workday.

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Commuter stuck in stationn
Image via XHS/可爱到爆炸

The video posted online shows a crowd of passengers waiting anxiously as the train remained stationary with its doors closed.

Both the passenger inside of the MRT and the commuters waiting to board are unable to proceed with their journey.

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Passengers were stuck inside
Image via XHS/可爱到爆炸

“Not the first time.”

Speaking to WeirdKaya, the one who posted the video explained that she was on her way to work when she encountered this incident.

“The train arrived as usual but when the doors didn’t open, everyone was confused. It was frustrating because many of us rely on this line to get to work.” She said.

She further added that the train was delayed for approximately three minutes before it departed the station, and normal service resumed only after the next train arrived.

She also stated that as a frequent commenter of this particular line, this is not the first time the MRT malfunctioned.

Netizen reaction

As the video garnered more views, netizens also voiced their own experiences.

“I feel like the MRT has Monday blue every week, always got problems.”

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Mrt having monday blue
Image via XHS/可爱到爆炸

“I was in the train trying to get down!”

I was stuck inside
Image via XHS/可爱到爆炸

“It actually happens from time to time.”

It happens to me times to times
Image via XHS/可爱到爆炸

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