Man Seen Taking Photos Of Car Plates & Tyres In MRT Kuchai Parking Lot For 30 Mins

Be cautious when parking.
A peculiar scene unfolded at the Kuchai MRT station parking lot, where a man was seen meticulously inspecting and photographing parked vehicles, stirring concerns among the public about his intentions.

A Malaysian speaker and content creator, known as “Anson” on his Instagram account @ansonkeith captured and shared a video that documents the strange behaviour.

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Suspicious behaviour

In the footage, Anson, who was waiting for a friend, noticed a suspicious individual meandering through the outdoor parking lot, bending down to inspect the tyres of various cars and taking photos of them.

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Man seen taking photos of car plates & tyres in mrt kuchai parking lot for 30 mins | weirdkaya
Image via IG/@ansonkeith

“I was trying to help my friend find a parking spot from above, and then I noticed this very odd person,” Anson explained.

“He spent at least 30 minutes in the parking lot, walking up to each car to snap a photo of the license plate at the front, then moving to check the tyres and taking additional photos.”

Anson noted that the man’s continuous “patrol” of the parking lot and his peculiar actions were what drew his attention.

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Patrol around
Image via IG/@ansonkeith

Be cautious when parking

Given the suspicious nature of these actions, he urged people who regularly park at the MRT station and commute by train to be more vigilant.

“After all, we leave our cars in the parking lot for up to 10 hours, and it’s really unpredictable what might happen,” he added. “

Some might think I’m being overly cautious, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.” He added

Netizens speculate

The video has sparked a lively discussion on social media, with users speculating that the man might have been targeting the rims and tyres of the vehicles.

“They are looking for buyers online, if anyone purchases, they will come and steal.”

Comment finding buyer
Image via IG/@ansonkeith

“Looking to steal the Ring and Tyre.”

Comment steal ring and tyre
Image via IG/@ansonkeith

However, some netizens suggested that the man’s actions were part of a legitimate tire survey job.

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One user commented, “I once had a job as a tire surveyor where I had to enter data on 100 to 500 tires in a day, including details like the car model, license plate, and tire size.

My friend did a similar job and even went to malls’ parking lots to photograph car tires.”

Comment tyre survey
Image via IG/@ansonkeith
Comment shopping mall take photo
Image via IG/@ansonkeith

Watch the full video:

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