Motorcycle caught on fire after crashing into lorry on highway

The motorcyclist survived

Petaling Jaya – A motorcyclist crashed into a lorry, setting his motorcycle on fire.

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The accident took place today (October 8) at Guthrie Corridor Expressway near Shah Alam, around 9.49 am.

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The motorcyclist was severely injured but was not in a life-threatening condition.

Injured motorcyclist motorcycle caught fire
The motorcyclist was severely injured. (Image via Sinchew)

He was immediately sent to the nearest hospital for medical attention.

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The vehicle was thoroughly damaged by the fire, only pieces of scorched debris were left.

Burnt motorcycle
The burnt motorcycle. (Image via Sinchew)
Motorcycle ran into lorry, caught fire
The lorry that got ran into. (Image via Sinchew)

According to the fire rescue officer, the motorcyclist is a Malay male, aged 47.

His vehicle ran into the back of a lorry, causing the motorcycle to catch fire.

Selangor Fire and Rescue Department head Norazam Khamis stated that they sent seven firefighters from the Sungai Buloh branch to scene after it was reported.

“When our officer arrived at the scene, the motorcyclist had already been sent to the hospital for treatment.”

Firefighters putting off fire on burnt motorcycle
Firefighter putting off the fire. (Image via Sinchew)

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Cover Images via Sinchew

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Proofreader: Anna Wong

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