Monitor Lizards Rush Into JB Eatery, Causes Customers To Freak Out

Some stood on chairs, while one climbed onto the table.
A group of diners at a yong tau foo restaurant in Johor Bahru (JB) had a fright of their lives after two monitor lizards scurried their way into the restaurant.

The entire incident was caught on film by the eatery’s CCTV, where it showed the chaos that ensued when the reptiles made their presence known.

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Monitor lizards rush into JB eatery

According to the CCTV footage shared by the restaurant owner on Facebook, the incident took place last Sunday (Mar 3) at around 8.46am.

The video begins with two monitor lizards charging directly towards the entrance, where it shocked several patrons.

In another clip, it showed a female patron so frightened by the reptiles’ appearance that her legs gave way, causing her to stumble to the ground.

Two other patrons were seen standing on top of their chairs while another scrambled onto the table.

As for the rest, they remained calm and simply raised their legs off the ground to avoid coming in contact with the monitor lizards.

Thankfully, a man intervened and wielded a plastic chair to fend off one of the monitor lizards while another man grabbed onto the other reptile’s tail and carried it out.

M'sian man uses chair to chase monitor lizard away at jb
Screenshot via FB/Bee Siok Liau

No injuries reported

Speaking to Oriental Daily, the owner said the workers did their best to entrap the reptiles into the storage room before an experienced employee caught and released both of them.

She added that neither the monitor lizards nor patrons were hurt by the incident as monitor lizards are not known for attacking people, adding that the reptiles were “more panicked” than the customers at the time.

The owner also said that the rainy weather might have prompted the reptiles to barge into the eatery as the drains were flooded after several rainy days.

2 monitor lizards rush into jb yong tau foo restaurant
Screenshot via FB/Bee Siok Liau

In the Facebook post, the owner even wrote that the monitor lizards’ ‘intrusion’ was a good omen, saying that it was a common belief that wild animals running into one’s restaurant or home is a sign of good luck and fortune.

What would be your reaction if you were at the eatery that day? Share with us in the comments!


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