Michelle Yeoh Awarded Presidential Medal Of Freedom By US President Joe Biden

Congratulations to Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh!😍
Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh has always made Malaysia known worldwide with her incredible accomplishments, and once again, we have another moment to collectively celebrate with pride.

Yesterday (May 3) marked a historic moment when Michelle Yeoh was awarded the prestigious Presidential Medal of Freedom by US President Joe Biden. The award was presented to her for being the first Asian to win an Oscar as Best Actress in 2023.

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According to The Star, during the ceremony in the East Room of the White House, President Biden hailed Michelle as a transformative figure whose illustrious career has shattered stereotypes and elevated American culture.

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“Her roles transcend gender, cultures, and languages. From martial arts, to romantic comedies, to science fiction, to show us what we all have in common. As the first Asian actor to win an Oscar as Best Actress, she bridges cultures to not only to entertain, but also inspire and open hearts and that’s what she keeps doing. Congratulations,” he expressed.

This achievement adds Michelle Yeoh to the esteemed list of individuals bestowed with America’s highest civilian honor, alongside 18 others who received the honorable medal.

In March 2023, Michelle achieved a historic milestone by winning an Oscar for her role in the movie “Everything Everywhere All At Once.” This victory makes her the first Malaysian and Asian to ever win an Academy Award.

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As this brilliant actress joins the ranks of esteemed recipients of America’s highest civilian honor, her journey shines brightly as a symbol of hope and resilience in our Malaysian entertainment industry.


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