“Don’t Waste Time On Us” — Merdeka 118 Russian Daredevil Couple Says They’ve Left M’sia

They also insisted that they had entered Malaysia legally.
The Russian daredevil couple who rose to infamy following their controversial climb to the top of Merdeka 118 has claimed that they are no longer in Malaysia.

Taking to Instagram, Ivan Beerkus also advised the authorities to stop wasting resources in searching for them.

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Russian daredevil couple on top of merdeka 118
Screenshot via Instagram/@beerkus

This comes after the Immigration Department said that they have no records of the couple entering or leaving Malaysia, leading them to believe that they may have done so illegally.

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‘We entered Malaysia legally’

In the Instagram post, Beekus wrote that he and his partner Angela Nikolau saw climbing as a way to overcome their fears and test their abilities.

He also denied claims that he and Nikolau had entered Malaysia illegally and advised the authorities not to spend anymore resources in finding them.

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We legally visited Malaysia. Don’t waste the country’s budget on our searches in Malaysia. We are no longer there.

Read his post here:

Beerkus and Nikolau first came into the fray on Dec 27 when they posted a video of them standing on top of Merdeka 118.

Weeks later, Nikolau took to Twitter to share how she managed to evade security by disguising herself as a construction worker.

However, their scaling feat has also invited much scorn from Malaysians, who slammed them for disrespecting the country’s laws and trespassing.

Read about how a China tourist’s attempt to take an aerial shot of Merdeka 118 went horribly wrong:

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