McDonald’s Seremban manager blasted for discriminating OKU employee by calling him “stupid”

We're not lovin' it.

SEREMBAN – A manager at a McDonald’s outlet in Forest Height, Senawang is now in hot water after he was called out for verbally abusing an OKU employee.

The incident began when Facebook user Muhammad Hanis revealed how his dyslexic brother Aniq was mistreated by the manager.

Aniq, who was supposed to come for work on Sunday (Feb 13) at 9am, did not show up and was asked why by the manager in the WhatsApp group chat.

Aniq’s father then responded on his behalf, saying that his name wasn’t listed in the schedule, to which the manager replied by showing a picture of Aniq’s employee ID printed on the schedule itself.

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When Aniq’s father said that it wasn’t his son’s real name, the manager rudely replied:

If you’re human and not a number, make sure my lobby is clean and organised, and not leave the sweeper outside. Human beings listen and understand instructions, while numbers don’t. (Numbers) are slightly stupid.

Boiling with rage

Upon seeing the manager’s reply, Hanis became extremely angry and wondered why no one in the group chat backed his brother up or reprimanded the manager.

He also gave the Forest Heights outlet a call to confront the manager but was told that he was on leave.

When Aniq got back to work the next day, no one from the management team tried to console him or apologize for the manager’s despicable actions.

Hanis then urged McDonald’s to conduct a “thorough checking and investigation” and to take action against the manager.

The incident also triggered strong condemnation from netizens, who called the manager an ‘a**hole’ and called for his removal.

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Mcdonald's seremban manager blasted for discriminating oku employee by calling him
Mcdonald's seremban manager blasted for discriminating oku employee by calling him
Mcdonald's seremban manager blasted for discriminating oku employee by calling him

McDonald’s response

McDonald’s Malaysia has since issued an official statement over the issue on Facebook, where it called the manager’s actions “unacceptable”.

We are able to confirm that the behaviour of the specific restaurant manager was unacceptable and in violation of our McDonald’s policy on diversity and inclusion. Appropriate action will be taken against the individual.

It also said that it has reached out to Aniq’s family and extended their sincere apologies to him over the unpleasant encounter.

“As a people-oriented company, we strive to provide an inclusive work environment and promote a culture that allows our people to grow and build harmonious relationships as members of the McFamily.”

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