“If you are Muslim, you can’t eat here!” Customer questioned about his race by McD staff

Not once, not twice. But thrice.

If you have a mixed parentage, you may sometimes be asked about your racial background. While it sounds like a harmless question, some may find it annoying or offensive.

Facebook user Daniell Denis took to social media to express his annoyance over being asked this question multiple times at a McDonald’s outlet in Taman Sutera yesterday (April 14) in a now-viral post.

As he was placing his order at the counter, a female staff came to him and said, “If you are a Muslim, you cannot eat here,” to which Daniell assured her by saying that he wasn’t one.

(Photo from Facebook Daniell Denis)

He also admitted that he nearly forgot the fasting month had begun and thus understood the staff’s question as she wanted to get a confirmation from him.

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However, the staff remained unconvinced and approached him again with the same question.

“Are you sure you aren’t a Muslim? If you are, please take away.”

Without a second thought, Daniell told her that he wasn’t, and this prompted the staff to pose a follow-up question: “Then, what race are you?”

Feeling somewhat uncomfortable over the unfolding situation, Daniell told her he was Chinese, which was enough for the staff to back away.

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Just when he thought he could finally wait for his order in peace, the same staff came to him for the third time!

“If you are Muslim, can you just choose to takeaway?”

(Photo from Facebook Daniell Denis)

At this point, Daniell was so annoyed that he whipped out his Identity Card (IC) to prove that he was indeed a non-Muslim. Without asking for his permission, the staff took his IC and walked into the kitchen, with Daniell following close behind, telling her that she had no right to take it away.

After managing to get his IC back, Daniell was no longer in the mood for a hearty breakfast and requested to see the manager in order to clear the air over the kerfuffle. Upon hearing his experience, the manager, Ms Noraini, immediately apologized to him.

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(Photo from Facebook Daniell Denis)

This incident has left Daniell considerably shaken, who said that he was utterly taken aback for “being treated like a criminal” over the colour of his skin. Before ending his post, he revealed that his father is Chinese while his mother is Indian.

You can read Daniell’s post here:

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Sources: Facebook/ Daniell Denis

Editor: Raymond Chen
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