Company declares May 20 as paid holiday, urges employees to “date, find love, and make children”

Malaysia when?

BEIJING – A company caused a stir on the Internet after it gave employees a day off on May 20 to (hopefully) ignite sparks of love with their partner, reported China Press.

In the announcement sheet, the company Tiandi No.1 Beverage, told employees to go all out on the day itself and build a family with the love of their life.

Company declares may 20 as paid holiday, urges employees to
Screengrab via China Press.

May 20, commonly referred to as 520, is an Internet slang which means “I love you” as it sounds phonetically similar to “wo ai ni” in Mandarin.

Thus, many Chinese couples would specially set aside this day to celebrate with their significant other!

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All for the greater good

The announcement also came with a stirring sentence which urged employees not to miss out on the chance of contributing to their families and nation.

If you don’t marry, who will carry on the family’s legacy? If you don’t bear children, who will take on the nation’s revival?

When asked about the announcement, Tiandi No.1 Beverage’s Human Resource (HR) Department confirmed it, saying that it was a company benefit for workers to enjoy some personal time.

They also said that they hope the paid leave will help boost work satisfaction and happiness among employees.

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Netizens have since poked fun at the announcement, saying that it was unusual to see a company getting involved in its employees’ love life. Others also expressed envy over how the workers were able to enjoy an extra day off.

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