Group Of Mat Rempits Race Dangerously On Lekas Highway, 1 Dies While 9 Others Left Injured

Risking lives for stunts.

NILAI- A group of daredevil motorcyclists, AS known as “Mat Rempit,” wreaked havoc and put their lives at risk with their dangerous antics on the Kajang-Seremban Highway (LEKAS).

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Unfortunately, their reckless behavior took a tragic turn when they were involved in a fatal accident last night, resulting in one death.

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A viral video captured their daredevilry, including their notorious “Superman” stunts and intense racing, as recorded by a car’s dashboard camera around 10 pm.

The consequences of their dangerous riding were dire, with 10 motorcycles being involved in the accident.

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Tragically, one person lost their life, while nine others sustained injuries.

Group of mat rempits race dangerously on lekas highway, 1 dies while 9 others left injured | weirdkaya
Screenshot via Facebook

The Nilai District Police headquarters has stated that they will release a media statement regarding this incident.


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