“Smile A Bit Lah” — M’sians Spooked By Maszlee Malik’s Latest Drama Poster

The drama's currently streaming on Astro.

It seems like former Education Minister and now ex-Simpang Renggam MP Dr. Maszlee Malik has found a calling outside of politics.

Just today, he posted a photo of him clad in a white singlet along with a sinister look on his official Facebook account.

Starring in drama series

According to the photo caption, Maszlee is set to appear on the latest drama series ‘Kudeta’, which premiered on Astro on Nov 20.

He also urged Malaysians to watch the drama on Astro, Astro GO, and Astro Ria.

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Watch Kudeta from 20 November onwards via Astro On Demand and Astro GO every Sunday or via Astro Ria on Monday at 9pm.

Maszlee is no stranger to the acting industry, where he previously appeared in a Malaysian version of the hit K-drama series ‘Squid Game’.

Photo via Twitter/TRP

‘Smile a bit lah!’

The post has since garnered 4.5k reactions at the time of writing, with netizens feeling a bit spooked to see Maszlee’s sombre look and told him to loosen up.

“Dr., even though you lost (in GE15), don’t be so serious. It’s scary to look at. You will always be in the hearts of educators.”

Screenshot via FB/Dr Maszlee Malik

“Smile a bit.”

Screenshot via FB/Dr Maszlee Malik

On the other hand, some commended Maszlee for being versatile.

“Acting? You’re an all-rounder, Dr. Maszlee Malik.”

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Screenshot via FB/Dr Maszlee Malik

“Good job Dr. Maszlee…I’ve suddenly fallen for his career.”

Screenshot via FB/Dr Maszlee Malik

Are you looking forward to watch Kudeta? Let us know in the comments!


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