MAS And AirAsia Cancel Flights Following Volcano Eruption In Indonesia

A total of 35 flights were cancelled by both airlines.
On Tuesday (Apr 16), a stratovolcano named Gunung Ruang located in Indonesia spewed volcanic ash and smoke. However, it didn’t stop there and continued to erupt all throughout yesterday (Apr 17).

The Independent reported that following the eruption, more than 800 people were forced to flee their homes n the North Sulawesi Province.

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Gunung ruang erupts
Photo via The Independent

MAS and AirAsia flights cancel flights to Sabah, Sarawak

The New Straits Times (NST) reported that the alert level for Gunung Ruang, which has a peak of 725m above sea level, was heightened to three to four, the highest possible level in the system.

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Following the eruption, scores of Malaysia Airlines (MAS) and AirAsia flights to and from KLIA to Sabah and Sarawak have been cancelled today.

In a statement issued by MAS, it said that it is “actively working to arrange alternative flights for affected travelers”.

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Meanwhile, AirAsia also put out its own statement, where it urged passengers to check whether their flights were affected on its official website.

List of cancelled flights

All in all, Malaysia Airlines cancelled 19 flights, while AirAsia cancelled 16.

Here’s the full list of affected flights:

Malaysia Airlines

To/from Sabah
– MH7420 (KUL-TWU)
– MH7421 (TWU-KUL)
– MH2612 (KUL-BKI)
– MH2621 (BKI-KUL)
– MH2710 (KUL-SDK)
– MH2711 (SDK-KUL)
– MH2610 (KUL-BKI)
– MH2611 (BKI-KUL)
– MH7404 (KUL-BKI)
– MH7405 (BKI-KUL)

To/from Sarawak
– MH2520 (KUL-KCH)
– MH2513 (KCH-KUL)
– MH2542 (KUL-KCH)
– MH2543 (KCH-KUL)
– MH2574 (KUL-MYY)
– MH2575 (MYY-KUL)
– MH2742 (KUL-BTU)
– MH2743 (BTU-KUL)


– AK5746 (KUL-TWU)
– AK5747 (TWU-KUL)
– AK9746 (KUL-TWU)
– AK9747 (TWU-KUL)
– AK5748 (KUL-TWU)
– AK5749 (TWU-KUL)
– AK5744 (KUL-TWU)
– AK5745 (TWU-KUL)
– AK6260 (BKI-TWU)
– AK6261 (TWU-BKI)
– AK6266 (BKI-TWU)
– AK6267 (TWU-BKI)
– AK6268 (BKI-TWU)
– AK6269 (TWU-BKI)
– AK6264 (BKI-TWU)
– AK6265 (TWU-BKI)

Stay safe everyone!

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