Many M’sians Move To Australia To Escape Corruption, Seek Better Jobs And Political Stability

"It is good to live in a country where taxes are put to good use."
In a notable trend, an increasing number of Malaysians are choosing to make Australia their new home, seeking better economic opportunities, political stability, and an enhanced quality of life.

Why IT Program Manager leaves Malaysia for good

Shahrin S, an IT program manager who moved to Australia in 2022, expressed his contentment with the decision, emphasising the appeal of Australia’s effective use of taxes in national development and support for its citizens.

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Shahrin believes that more Malaysians will follow suit, driven by a desire to escape issues such as endemic corruption, political instability, and racial tension prevalent in their home country.

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‘Purely based on merit: Regardless of background you come from’

Reflecting on the shift, he noted the merit-based system in Australia, where scholarships and assistance are awarded irrespective of ethnicity, race, or religious background, reported FMT.

“It is good to live in a country where taxes are put to good use in developing the country and further supporting the people.

“Scholarships, funding and monetary assistance are awarded purely based on merit and achievements, regardless of what ethnicity, race or religious background you come from,” he said.

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The latest data from Statista reveals a significant surge in Malaysian immigration to Australia in 2023, with 4,890 Malaysians making the move compared to 2,930 in the previous year.

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Better income, keeps progressing and not stagnant

This rise is attributed to factors such as education, higher income prospects, and a superior living environment, according to Nicole Yong, managing director of Kitson Migration Advisory.

Yong emphasised the preference for Australia among Malaysians due to better-paying jobs, especially for young adults and recent graduates.

Engineers, in particular, find the prospect of higher income abroad appealing, considering the limitations in earning potential they face in Malaysia.

“But their income (in Malaysia) is just RM3,000 or RM4,000, and even if they work for many years, it (will just progress to) RM5,000,” she said.

‘Sydney has a large Malaysian community’

Malaysian banker Wong Kien Yang, who moved to Australia after completing his studies there, highlighted the multicultural environment and the sizable Malaysian community in cities like Sydney.

“Hence, people are generally more accepting of different cultures. Sydney also has a large Malaysian community, and Malaysian restaurants are abundant.”

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This cultural familiarity, combined with Australia’s inclusive policies, makes it an attractive destination for those seeking a new home.

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Younger individuals adapt more easily to life in Australia

Balraj Rajagopal, currently residing in Melbourne, underscored the appeal of Australia’s fair policies, established rule of law, quality education, and equal opportunities.

He anticipates a growing trend of Malaysians, especially professionals in fields like medicine and IT, migrating to Australia for similar reasons.

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While acknowledging the challenges of adaptation, Rajagopal suggested that younger individuals find it easier to integrate into Australian society through school and university studies.

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“They can adapt quicker as their social reach is expanded through school and university studies.”

“For older people, it takes longer to adapt to cultural differences and make new friends. Of course, this also depends on the respective individuals”, he said.

Despite evolving migration laws, he emphasised that opportunities exist for young professionals willing to take the risk of making Australia their new home.

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