M’sian Man Tries To Break ATM To Pay Loan Sharks, Gets Arrested Instead

Never borrow from loan sharks.

Loan sharks (Ah Long) are undoubtedly the scariest people around as not only do they charge debtors high interest rates, but will also harass and intimidate their family if they don’t pay on time.

As such, it has driven some to commit crimes to pay off their debts, like this 25-year-old man who tried to break an ATM at a bank.

M'sian man tries to break atm to pay loan sharks, gets arrested instead
Image via Iluminasi

Tried breaking ATM

According to Kosmo!, the man was caught on CCTV footage trying to break one of the ATM machines at a bank on Monday (Oct 24).

In the clip, the man brought along two fuel canisters as his tool to punch a hole into the ATM machine in Wangsa Melati.

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Wangsa Maju district police chief Superintendent Ashari Abu Samah said in a statement that a police report was lodged at around 12.55pm on the same day.

It is believed that the suspect tried to punch a hole into the ATM with the fuel canister but failed.

He was later arrested by police at about 12:45am on Wednesday (Oct 26). Some clothing, fuel canisters and a vehicle used by the suspect were seized as well.

Wanted to pay loan sharks

Ashari added that investigations revealed that the suspect was desperate to pay off his debts to the loan sharks and wanted an easy way out.

M'sian man tries to break atm to pay loan sharks, gets arrested instead
Photo via Edge Prop

He will be remanded until tomorrow and the case is currently being investigated under Section 435 and Section 380/511 of the Penal Code.


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