Man In Japan Hits Wife With Banana Peel After He Got Angry At Neighbour For Parking At His Home

Un-a-peel-ing behavior.
Getting angry is a normal emotion that every human experiences, but it’s important to keep it in check as unbridled anger can lead to unwanted consequences and even an arrest.

A man in Fukuoka, Japan who was unable to control his temper ended up taking out his frustration on his wife by hitting her with a banana peel, causing him to be arrested for assault.

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Couple arguing with each other
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Man in Japan hits wife with banana peel out of anger

According to Asahi Shimbun, police were alerted of the incident after receiving a call from the man’s wife at around 8:30pm on May 17.

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After responding to the call and arriving at the scene, police were informed by the woman that her 62-year-old husband struggled with alcoholism and often assaulted her.

When questioned by police, the man admitted to hitting his wife with a banana peel and said he was angry with a neighbour who had parked his car on their property.

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Banana peel on the road
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Just as he was about to confront the neighbour, his wife tried to dissuade him. This only angered him more and caused him to assault her.

Claimed it wasn’t assault

Despite admitting to his actions, the man tried to argue his way out, claiming that what he did couldn’t be counted as assault as it was private matter that took place between a couple.

However, the police disagreed and told him that as long as someone took an object to hit another person with it, it was still considered as assault.


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