M’sian Man Explains Why He Refuses To Part With His 23yo Proton Saga

Old Faithful.

Back in 2020, a young man named Ken wrote a viral Facebook post about how he chose to drive and refurbish a 1999 Proton Saga despite its dilapidated state.

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Two years later after the first post was written, Ken decided to give netizens an update about the car and shared how he was able to save up a substantial amount of money by not purchasing a newer car.

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Owned the Proton for 4 years

In the post written on Aug 10, Ken said that he has been in possession of the Proton Saga for four years and eight months.

He also stated that upon taking over the car in 2018, he had to spend quite a sum of money to restore and refurbish the car as it was rather roughed up.

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RM9,000 spent on repairs & maintenance

According to Ken’s calculations, he spent a total of RM9,000 in repair and maintenance work on the car over the past four years, which was inclusive of regular servicing, paint respray, and engine top overhaul.

RM9000 is a big amount at one single sum but divided by average 4 years of usage, it will come up to RM2250 per year. At RM2250 a year, the amount needed per month is only at RM187.50.

“It is a much lower commitment figure compared to the monthly installment needed for a car loan,” he wrote.

Ken added that he could’ve purchased a Perodua Myvi 1.3G manual for RM44,300 back in 2018, but would be compelled to fork out RM487 in monthly instalments over a nine-year repayment period with a down payment of RM4,000.

“Being a fresh graduate out of university, I don’t have RM44k on hand to outright purchase a Myvi.

“I decided to go on with this old Saga Iswara, gradually repairing and restoring it while still using it. After 4 years later, here I am today, still with this car but with most problems solved and repaired.”

‘No shame in driving old cars’

The most impactful part of the post was when Ken touched upon the innate human desire to own and drive a new car.

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He said while many have questioned his rationale in choosing to drive the Proton Saga instead of buying a new car, he prioritises financial stability over the social image.

You might be thinking, surely at the age of 29 with five years of joining the white collar workforce, I am capable of getting a better car to replace this aging Saga Iswara. You are right, it is possible for me to do so and even buying a new Myvi 1.3.

“To me, there is no good reason for me to do so at this moment when the Saga Iswara is still working fine.

“Between social image (in the form of a car) and financial security, I prefer to choose the latter. Having savings for emergencies, family, future plans and investment is very important.”

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Ken also said that the post wasn’t to mock those looking to purchase a new car and clarified that he was merely encouraging those who still opted to drive their old car.

“This is a shout-out to those who still held on to their old cars by their own free will,” he said.

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Cover image via Facebook/Classic Automobile Renaissance

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