We Asked Malaysians What They’d Change About Their Homes. Here Are Their Top 5 Wishes

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Have you ever walked around your home and wished for something a little different—perhaps a bit more natural light, more space to move around, or that cosy connection to nature that’s just not quite there? You’re not alone.

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We’ve been asking Malaysians what they are keen to change about their current homes, and here are the top five items on the wishlist of those eager to see changes in future homes:  

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1. More space outside, please 

No one likes to be diagnosed with cabin fever when the weather outside is absolutely perfect, and this is no different for both humans and their furry pets (yes, even they need space to run too!) 

Malaysia housing area
Photo via Canva

One of the things they brought up was wanting to build yards where their kids can frolic around safely while embarking on one of their ‘adventures’. As for the pet owners, they wished for pet-friendly spaces where their furry friends could stretch their legs.

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Whether it’s a spot for morning yoga or a patch where kids and pets can romp about, Malaysians as a whole are craving more greenery, fresh air, and most of all, lots and lots of space. 

2. Down with rigid walls! 

Adaptability within the home is a big ask, and most Malaysians we spoke to admitted that they have grown tired of the traditional layout of houses.

They wish to have a more flexible interior space and design that is best suited to their needs. A mother of 4 told us that she would want a bigger kitchen so that she has more space to unleash her cooking skills. 

House with lots of walls
Photo via Canva

Meanwhile, some young couples reflected that they wished to have a home with a simpler structure. However, most homes already come with pre-set walls and partitions that require renovation works, leaving them with no choice but to live with it. 

3. Feeling safe and secure

With cities growing busier and bigger by the minute, keeping our ‘nests’ safe is more crucial than ever. 

As such, Malaysians are keen on stepping up home security, not just through studier locks and avant-garde technology, but also via smarter community designs that keep dodgy elements at bay and let residents rest easy.

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Cctv in residential area
Photo via Canva

A well-lit, secure environment not only keeps intruders out but also ensures that children and pets can play safely, giving peace of mind to homeowners whether they are at home or away.

4. Brighter home, brighter life

Who doesn’t perk up with a bit of sunshine? Yet, many feel that their homes are on the dim, gloomy side, thus making the plea for more natural light all the more unanimous. 

The benefits of natural light are unmatched, where it impacts almost everything from your mood and even to your health. 

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A home bathed in sunlight can transform the living experience for everyone—plants thrive, pets find cosy spots to laze around, and children have a bright, vibrant space to play, learn and grow.

Living room with light
Photo via Canva

Furthermore, using larger, glass windows to the fullest extent helps to capture more sunlight, which can do wonders for one’s spirit and uplift the overall atmosphere of the home. 

5. Where’s the greenery?

For nature lovers, connecting with nature is not a luxury, but rather a necessity for their mental and physical well-being. 

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Several homeowners we spoke to believe that their living spaces should offer more than just token greenery.

Instead, they called for more emphasis on substantial, meaningful interactions with the natural environment that include the integration of indoor and outdoor plants and landscapes that invite biodiversity.

More greeneries space
Photo via Canva

Can you imagine communal gardens where neighbours share the fruits of their labour, green ‘walls’ that purify the air, and parks that’s inviting to both children and pets?

At the end of the day, it’s all about bringing the tranquillity of nature right into the lively atmosphere of family life.

Your Opinion Matters Too! 

Do these ideas resonate with you? What would you like to see in future homes? While it’s challenging to reach each of you personally, Gamuda Land has made it easier for your voice to be heard through a survey that will help shape future housing developments. 

Why ask for your input? Because they value your opinion and are committed to making a difference! 

Fill out the survey and share the changes you’d like to see in your living space. Your input could drive real change in the way homes are designed and built in Malaysia. 

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